Surf’s up! 🏄‍♂️ 
South Korea’s east coast is a playground for adventure lovers, especially surfers and beach-goers. Surfyy Beach in particular, is a place to hang loose, soak up the sun, and be one with the waves.

What sets it apart from other beaches is that it’s Korea’s first private beach dedicated to surfing, replete with English-speaking staff who will teach you the ins and outs of surfing. This, after being closed off to the public for 40 years due to use as a military site. For those who purely want to lounge beach-side, there are options aplenty to choose from. To recount my trip in May this year, as the sun went down over the beach bar with the balearic tunes spinning in the background, it felt all too familiar – definitely a taste of home that I needed at the time.

Address: 📍 강원 양양군 현북면 하조대해안길 119 서피비치
Costs: 💵 Surf board rental: 30,000won, surfing lesson: 75,000won (board rental included)

Click here to get in touch with English-speaking surfing instructor, Jake McFadyen, via the Surfyy Beach Facebook group.

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