It's easy to fall into the trap of using hyperbole, especially when you're trying to describe breathtaking locations. One thing that is not hyperbole, however, is the beauty of Coron in the Philippines. Maybe it's just the COVID feels that have me feeling some type of way but believe me when I say that this place is the real deal. If you're an intrepid, adventure-loving traveller then you'll especially enjoy all the attractions here. The actual town of Coron isn't much to speak of but the island tours, that is the reason why you venture to this outpost.
These shots are from the 'Super Ultimate Tour', comprising Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons, Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Siete Pecados, Coral Garden and Banol Beach. I had hoped to visit Malapascua Island the day after this tour but unfortunately inclement weather put paid to those plans, which meant that this was pretty much the only island action I got while in Coron - and all the more reason to go back.

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