Most people move to South Korea wanting to live in Seoul or Busan so they can play out their k-drama fantasies, but the truth is that this isn't necessarily the best move.
Here's why:
1. Bigger cities often have smaller housing due to space constraints, and unless you're doing the property searching yourself, it can be difficult to find apartments that suit your tastes. Most places will be one-room studios, while older apartments in rural areas *can* be a bit more spacious.

2. Life in the big cities is generally more expensive. This isn't to say that you can't save if you live in Seoul or Busan, but in my personal experience it takes a LOT of discipline to avoid all the trappings and distractions that come with big city life.

3. The experience is completely different, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. You might enjoy the big city and all it comes with, but there's definitely something to be said for the bonds and friendships you make in a smaller town. I'm talking small things, like getting to know the barista at my local coffee shop, or the waitress at my local Chinese joint (중국집) remembering my favourite order or noticing that I've cut my beard (no lie).
It's these truly genuine experiences (and gorgeous sunsets like this one on the sleepy island of Geoje) that you'll get if you choose to eschew the bigger cities for the countryside, and one of the reasons why I recommend that everyone have a taste of rural life.

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