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If you stay in South Korea then you won't be short on places to enjoy springtime, but I'm going to suggest Gyeongju for a couple of reasons. For a start, this is a place where the Shilla dynasty ruled supreme. That means there isn't just one single place or road to see the blossoms, but lots of attractions spread out across the town and a ton of history to take in. Here are the spots you should check out, put them into KakaoMaps and thank me later:
📍 Bomun Lake (보문관광단지)
- This is a central Gyeongju attraction, with many cherry blossom trees and luxury hotels lining the lake.
📍 Daereungwon Tombs (대릉원 – 천마총)
- During the Shilla period, royalty was buried in tombs mounded with boulders and earth, so that they 'protrude' from the ground. These tombs have been preserved and you can find some very interesting photo spots at these sights.
📍 Bulguksa (경주 불국사)
Bulguksa Temple was first built in 528 BC, although it was razed during the Imjin War from 1592-1598. It has since been rebuilt and is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, holding seven national treasures.
📍 Hwangnidan-gil (경주 황리단길)
This is a place where old meets new, with the rustic hanok structures playing host to brewpubs, restaurants, and trendy cafes. It's the perfect place to rest your legs or grab a quick bite during your Cherry Blossom tour of Gyeongju.
HOW TO GET THERE: Intercity busses run to Gyeongju Bus Terminal from any of the major cities. There's also the Singyeongju KTX station which is set just outside the city itself. Once you're in Gyeongju, you can use the local busses, although sharing a taxi with friends might be easier as everything can be a bit spread out.

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