Welcome to my website!
I'm Stuart, a photographer and travel writer based in South Korea.
If you're curious about travelling in Asia, want to take better travel photos, or simply browse my travelogues, you've come to the right place.
I started off by writing about my experiences travelling the continent and the destinations that I'd visited. Over time, I've honed in on a couple of creative niches such as film and aerial photography, in addition to regularly capturing the places that I've visited in South Korea and beyond.
You will also find content that provides value for travellers who want to capture their journeys without feeling weighed down by tons of photography gear. Whether you're a seasoned shooter looking for some travel hacks, or you've just bought your first DSLR/mirrorless camera, I hope that you'll gain some value by visiting.
I also make videos about street and travel photography in Asia, my journey as a street photographer, and the equipment that I use.
I show you how to make the most of your camera as a street and travel photographer, with a focus on gear, street photography techniques and the spots where I shoot.
To commission me for photography and writing work, contact me using the form below:
Thank you!