After shooting with S*ny cameras for the past five years, I made the switch to Fujifilm's X System cameras about 9 months ago. 
Since then, I've found three reasons why I feel switching to Fujifilm has helped to transform my creative process. Interspersed with my insights into the Fuji switch is a street photography POV filmed in Mullae, Seoul. 
Mullae is a former industrial area towards the west of Seoul which is now home to coffee shops, restaurants and alluring bars, while still retaining much of the grit that makes it such an interesting neighbourhood. Having owned my Fuji gear for (over) 9 months now, I can say with confidence that a lot of my increased photo output is due to shooting with a completely different system. 
Sit back and enjoy this episode of the Weekend Salaryman as I take you on a visual street photography tour of yet another one of Seoul’s neighbourhoods while sharing how owning a Fujifilm has helped to overcome some of my creative hurdles.

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