Fashion and portrait photographer Darnell Temenu has been a loyal Canon shooter for years. But after hearing the buzz around Fujifilm cameras and their acclaimed film simulation modes, his curiosity was piqued, so we went to the Fujifilm store in Jamsil, Seoul, to make use of their 3-day loan programme and get him acquainted with the Fujifilm ecosystem.
In this episode of Weekend Salaryman, Darnell hits the streets of Seoul to test drive the Fujifilm X-Pro3 for the first time. With help from the staff at Fujifilm, he selects the X-Pro3 along with a 23mm f/1.4 prime lens to maximize image quality.
Hitting the Streets for Decisive Moments
Darnell immediately notices the tactile, retro feel of the X-Pro3. Combined with the optical viewfinder showing frame lines for each lens, it provides a unique rangefinder-style experience different from his Canon EOS R.
Venturing into bustling Seoul neighborhoods, Darnell hunts for compelling moments and faces. He experiments with Fujifilm's black and white film simulation along with exposure settings. Without the autofocus tracking that he’s used to on his Canon, Darnell finds himself reverting to fundamental street photography skills to nail focus.
Despite differences from his Canon gear, Darnell secures striking candid portraits on the streets. The film simulation renders atmospheric, timeless black and white images with gorgeous tonality.
Conclusion: A Worthy Alternative System?
After a full day of shooting, Darnell provides his verdict on Fujifilm's eagerly awaited mirrorless system. While not ready to switch completely from Canon yet, he sees strong potential in the Fujifilm lineup. Outstanding optics, pleasing film simulations, and retro direct controls make it a compelling option for selective professional and personal work.

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