What comes to mind when you think of Bangkok? For some it's the food, nightlife or perhaps something more questionable. As a first timer, I had no preconceptions of what to expect from this mega Asian city.
I was determined to make the most of my short 2-day trip. Bangkok is unlike any other city I've seen - the heat and humidity envelop you as soon as you hit the streets. There's a palpable electricity in the air, and I was honestly left mesmerized.
For 24 hours I weaved through the streets with my camera, recording a street photography POV video. Join me as I explore areas like Siam, the Grand Palace, Chinatown and countless night markets.
I started in Siam, Bangkok's massive downtown shopping district. The malls here defy logic and imagination - huge multi-story complexes packed with people. I soaked up the futuristic yet dystopian vibes.
The next day I visited the opulent Grand Palace, a majestic monument built in 1782. Despite being a tourist spot, it retains much cultural significance. The intricate details captured my attention.
Chinatown was a barrage of sights and smells. This chaotic area felt like a different world from the polished malls.
That evening I hunted for eats in the night markets. While Jodd Fairs night market was pleasant, I preferred the authentic chaos of Pratunam night market.
Amidst Bangkok's sensory assault, I found moments of beauty amongst the people. The magic of street photography lies in embracing chaos and finding humanity. I thoroughly enjoyed this enlightening trip and am motivated to shoot more street photography wherever I go.

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