The Fujifilm X100V is hugely popular, but after testing it out, I decided the X-E4 might suit most prospective Fujifilm owners better. Here's why I think the X-E4 is a logical alternative to consider.
The Ability to Swap Lenses Won Me Over
The X100V's 23mm prime lens produces wonderful images. But as a budding photographer, having the flexibility to use different Fujifilm lenses appealed to me. The X-E4 gives me room to grow across genres like street, portraits and landscapes.
Saves Me Money Without Sacrificing Performance
From its 26MP sensor to 425 autofocus points, the X-E4 delivers comparable performance and handling to the renowned X100V. Yet it retails for nearly $700 less. You can get 90% of the X100V's capabilities at a cost I can afford as I build my kit.
Taking It for a Test Run in Seoul
I tried out the X-E4 during a photowalk along the Han River. While the menu took a little time to setup, the streamlined body and controls just clicked. Right away I felt at home and enjoyed the intuitive, minimalist shooting experience on par with the pricier X100V.
My Verdict: A Worthy Alternative for My Needs
The X100V is a fantastic camera but out of my budget for now. After testing the X-E4, I'm confident it packs huge value as an alternative, giving me versatility and performance at a reasonable price point. The X-E4 is the right fit for me today and room to grow tomorrow.

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