Welcome to "Weekend Salaryman: Episode 3 – Jamsil ."
Over the past 8 months I’ve really come to enjoy shooting with the X-S10, so I thought I’d talk about this mid-range body as a potential choice for those seeking their first Fujifilm camera. Feel free to watch along as I explore the feature set of this camera model while capturing the tranquil beauty of summer sunsets in Jamsil, Seoul.
Throughout the video, I’ll discuss the features that make the X-S10 an interesting option for users thinking of switching to Fujifilm from other brands like Sony, Canon, or Nikon, with some insights and considerations with some insights from 8 months of using this mid-range Fujifilm unit.
Stay with me to gain a better understanding of the X-S10's capabilities and to enjoy the peaceful spectacle of a Jamsil sunset.

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