Weekend Salaryman Ep.1: Seongsu
Welcome to a new series that I’m calling Weekend Salaryman: Street Photography, Weekend Life and Snippets From Seoul.
Join me in Episode 1 as I pay a visit to the trendy neighborhood of Seongsu in Seoul, South Korea, in search of some street photos.
Enjoy the views of Seongsu through the lens of my camera, as I aim to capture the essence of this unique district. Discover the charm of Seongsu while I take you through its bustling streets, talking about how the neighborhood has evolved from an industrial hub to a thriving hotspot for artists, designers, and tourists.
I also talk about my switch of camera systems to Fuji from Sony, how switching to the Fujifilm system has changed my approach to shooting photography, and what I’m hoping to accomplish with this new series on my channel.
🤝 Join me on my weekend escapades, experiencing the downtime of a "Salaryman," in Seoul as I balance work and play to make the most of my time in this exciting city. In each episode, I will try to show you a glimpse of the various sides of Seoul, as I capture snippets of the city's dynamic energy, showcasing its modernity and rich history.
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*All of these shots were taken with this Fujifilm recipe.

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