The dramatic power of light and shadow. The visual poetry of textures and tones. The timeless elegance of a monochrome world.
This is the essence of black and white photography.
In a world of distraction and sensory overload, black and white's minimalist canvas sharpens our focus. You hone in on the details. Emotions become more raw and real. Removing colour directs all attention to shape, expression, and composition.
I recently went on one of my first POV street photography walks in a long time, armed with my Fuji X-S10 and Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens. On a humid, sticky summer afternoon in Seoul, I embarked on a mission to capture the rush of commuters, travellers and locals.
In this latest episode of Weekend Salaryman, you’re invited to join me as I explore the streets of Gangnam, Seoul on a humid summer evening, to capture candid moments of daily life in black and white.
This video showcases the capabilities of the Fujifilm Acros film simulation when paired with the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 lens. Walk alongside me and observe my approach to street photography and composition in this classic black and white style. Experience the rich tonal range and texture that this Fujifilm recipe delivers for atmospheric urban shots.

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