As a photographer and videographer within the Fujifilm ecosystem, I've made it a point to document my journey and sharing the gear and settings I use. Recently, I made the decision to swap out my trusty Fujifilm X-S10 for the Fujifilm X-E4, and I wanted to explain my reasoning behind this change.
The X-S10 was a workhorse camera that never let me down. I took it on trips to Thailand and Japan without any issues. The Fujifilm sensor and image quality were superb, and it remains a solid recommendation for those looking to enter the Fujifilm world. However, after about a year and a half of using the X-S10, I started to feel like it was a bit too utilitarian for my needs. Here are three quick reasons why I switched.
1. Number of custom slots
One of the primary reasons I switched to the X-E4 was the increased number of custom slots. The X-S10 has four, while the X-E4 offers seven. This extra flexibility allows me to have a specific film simulation or recipe assigned to each slot, making it easier to quickly access the look I want for a particular shooting scenario.
2. Size and form factor
The X-S10, while compact, is slightly larger than the X-E4. As someone who values an "everyday carry" camera, the smaller size and weight of the X-E4 make it more convenient to slot into bags and carry around. Even with the addition of the hand grip, the X-E4 maintains a compact and lightweight feel.
3. Overall looks
Lastly, I have to admit that the aesthetic appeal of the X-E4 played a role in my decision. The brushed aluminum top plate, minimalist Fujifilm dials, and classic rangefinder-inspired design just speak to me. I find the X-E4 to be a visually striking camera, and I believe that having a camera you find visually appealing can positively impact your desire to pick it up and shoot.
While the X-S10 is a fantastic camera, the combination of the custom slot versatility, the compact size, and the classic Fujifilm design of the X-E4 led me to make the switch. I'm excited to continue my photography and videography journey with this new camera in hand.

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