Seoul’s got Gangnam, and Tokyo’s got Ginza.
This is a walk through the high streets of perhaps the most opulent district in the Japanese capital. The designer stores, shiny glass buildings and immaculately maintained sidewalks are all a sign that money resides here. But, that isn’t to say that this upmarket area is off-limits and far removed from mere mortals like you and I.
One of the pleasant surprises I encountered while walking here was that the authorities actually block off traffic from the main street over weekends, creating a completely pedestrian zone. This is called Hokōsha Tengoku (歩行者天国) or Hokoten for short, literally meaning “pedestrian heaven”.
This phenomenon lends itself to an immersive travel experience, one where you can indulge in moreish street foods, enjoy street performances, and admire the exhibits - all while being in awe of the ritzy brands that call this high-end locale home.

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