In August 2018 I had one of those wide-eyed travel moments that I will never forget.
I had just arrived in Seoul, checked in at a little Airbnb on the east side of the city and with the Dongdaemun Design Plaza only a couple of stops away, decided that it would be the first attraction I tick off my Seoul list. Zaha Hadid's design masterpiece definitely didn't disappoint, and with the sun setting on a humid summer Seoul afternoon, the grey clouds made way for one of the most stunning sunsets I'd ever seen.
Dongdaemun, for the uninitiated, means Great Eastern Gate. 'Dong' (or 동) being East and 'Mun' (문) being Gate. This is a nod to the Joseon-era structure that first was built to protect Seoul in 1398. There's so much to see here besides just DDP, with the area being notorious for its 24-hour fast fashion markets. Definitely a good place to cop some threads.

And please, don't ask about my editing style back then. It was all over the show. But without a doubt, some of my best memories.

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