I remember shortly before I moved to South Korea, and I got word of where I would be living and working. I frantically researched the province and came across a few attractions, with Wolchulsan being one of them.
After orientation I met my handler and on the ride back to the apartment we got to chatting about the places I was looking forward to exploring. I rattled off a list of attractions that I was excited to visit, and of course made mention of Wolchulsan - the Cloud Bridge being a photo-worthy spot that I was intent on visiting as soon as I could… Well, after the 30 months since I’ve moved here, I finally managed to make it there.
This was a rather forgettable hike, if I’m being honest. The sky was flat and dull, it started pouring with rain literally as I reached the top, and the course itself just a little more treacherous than challenging. But that makes me even more intent on going back - perhaps in spring, as the last of the autumn leaves are all but gone.

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