One of the things that I've grappled with a bit during my time living in South Korea is taking pictures of a culture to which I am an outsider. What kind of ethical considerations should I keep in mind taking these pictures and documenting these experiences? Naturally, I try to tread lightly – especially in a culture where 'face' or kind of social dignity is important. Within that, however, I still try to capture a true representation of life and the challenges people face. If I recall correctly, I got shut down once or twice while shooting in Jagalchi Fish Market, one of the largest fresh seafood markets in South Korea. Some vendors weren't too happy with a foreigner pointing a lens in their direction and taking their pictures.
It was Martin Parr who said that "most photographs are lies, propaganda. Fashion pictures show people looking glamorous. Travel pictures show a place looking at its best, nothing to do with the reality..." I can only hope that the reality in these images you're viewing now, however framed through my lens, is a worthy representation of the places I've captured.

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