I never planned on living in Seoul. But after reluctantly moving to South Korea's mega city, I've fallen hard for its energy and creative spirit. In this entry, I’ll be sharing my journey discovering Seoul's richness as a street photographer.
Small Town Korea Was My Comfort Zone
I spent my first years teaching English in quiet fishing and farming villages. I loved the slower pace and tightknit communities. Seoul seemed too crowded and expensive. But opportunities for growth led me to finally take the plunge.
Arriving With Hesitance, Leaving With Passion
At first, Seoul felt alienating and overwhelming. But embracing this new chapter helped me see the city with fresh eyes. Walking its streets with my camera, I uncovered creative inspiration around each corner. Seoul's dynamic energy motivated me to improve my craft.
Capturing an Eclectic Mix of Communities
From the luxury boutiques in Gangnam to hidden side alleyways, I photograph Seoul's diversity. Contrasting wealthy modern high-rises with traditional corner stores, it’s easy to find pockets of beauty everywhere. Seoul rewards those who take the time to get lost within its many layers.
A Playground for Creatives, A Muse for My Art
This mega city has become my canvas. Its streets are a studio for honing my photographic eye. Constantly stimulated by new angles, colors, and faces, my once hesitant move to Seoul has ignited a reinvigorated passion for street photography.
Home is Where the Heart is, And Mine is Here
While I cherish my memories of rural Korea, Seoul amazes me daily. I've built a life here as an artist, found inspiration I'd lost, and enjoy its boundless energy. Seoul embraced me as I embraced it.
What was once a reluctant change has become an unexpected love affair.

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