Film simulations are, without doubt, the sole reason I moved over to the Fuji ecosystem. The ability to create an endless variety of different looks, in-camera, without touching an editing application or making any colour tweaks is what makes shooting with a Fuji such a fulfilling experience.
My current Fujifilm X-S10 makes provision for four different custom slots, where I can store tailor-made recipes with tweaks to various settings.
In my four slots, I've stored four different recipes, each with their own unique aesthetic qualities. In this series of articles, I'll explain each of these four recipes, show you some samples, and of course include the actual settings for the recipes themselves.
Springtime Provia
This is a custom recipe based on the Provia film sim. It is the recipe I use most of the time, especially for daytime shooting, for a few reasons. Firstly, I find that Provia renders quite pleasing blues, and I prefer cooler tones for bright, sunny days. It also doesn't quite crush the blacks like other film sims, and also retains a fair bit of saturation in the blues while not being super-saturated like Astia or Velvia. Overall, it's just a great middle-of-the-road film sim with enough character to retain that film-like quality. I usually crank the dynamic range up to DR400 for this recipe so that it retains details in the highlights, and generally shoot just under a full stop overexposed for that bright, airy feel.
It works beautifully for bright, daytime scenes where you want just a bit of pop without too much saturation, and I've found it works great to bring out blues, purples and pinks. Check out the recipe below.

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