Film simulations are, without doubt, the sole reason I moved over to the Fuji ecosystem. The ability to create an endless variety of different looks, in-camera, without touching an editing application or making any colour tweaks is what makes shooting with a Fuji such a fulfilling experience.
My current Fujifilm X-S10 makes provision for four different custom slots, where I can store tailor-made recipes with tweaks to various settings.
In my four slots, I've stored four different recipes, each with their own unique aesthetic qualities. In this series of articles, I'll explain each of these four recipes, show you some samples, and of course include the actual settings for the recipes themselves.
Kodak Gold 200
Full disclosure, this recipe is straight from the FujiX app. The FujiX app is a great database of Fuji recipes for different Fuji sensors and sample images. I set up this recipe as I wanted something with a slightly warmer feel, especially for sunset conditions, to emulate its celluloid namesake. I'm also a big fan of the actual Kodak Gold 200 stock and have found it to be quite versatile in how it renders on 35mm.
One thing is for sure, and that is that this recipe does not disappoint during golden hour. It has become pretty the only recipe that I shoot during sunset (and occasionally during sunrise as well). There's a gorgeously surreal quality to images shot with this recipe that I simply haven't found with others. That signature Kodak Gold warmth is there, making it ever-so-satisfying to shoot with.
That's about where it ends though, as this recipe simply doesn't work in other situations. Because the colour balance runs so warm, shooting this in anything other than fading sunlight doesn't produce great results. That said, I plan on shooting this for a while still and look forward to capturing many more golden hours with this digital version of the famous Kodak Gold film stock.

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