After pouring so much effort into bringing out a three-part travelogue series, it felt a bit abrupt to just conclude the series without some parting thoughts. So here goes.
Travel shapes and moulds you in a way that’s difficult to articulate. If perhaps not in the moment itself, but most certainly once your travels are over – you realise how much your reality differs from others.
Travel makes you grateful and appreciative of all you have.
It’s hard to describe the feeling that’s left with you once your travels are over. The aftertaste can either be bitter, or sweet, depending on how you’ve viewed the experience. The approach you take when encountering new places can either make or break your time abroad.
For me, India will be a fond, lingering memory of places, people, sights, and smells. It’s a land of eternal optimism and natural wonder, and I would fall in love with it 1000 times over.
To India, I owe a huge debt. To their people, to my beautiful girlfriend and travel partner, and to our hosts who we met along the way – here’s to doing this with you again in the not-so-distant future.

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