Paradise on film.

I was secretly hoping for a roll of Kodak Gold 200 for this trip, especially after falling in love with its warm tones after shooting it during spring of 2022. But considering that this roll of Colorplus 200 this was a gift, I was content to use it for my time away.
Kodak Colorplus 200 is a perfectly decent, middle-of-the-road stock which works well for most situations and delivers decently crisp colours. I've found it to run a little cooler than Gold but not as cool as Ultramax 400.
I've titled this collection 'Siargao on Colorplus 200' but the truth is that I took shots in Bohol and Manila too. The title just felt fitting as I shot the bulk of this roll in Siargao.
I honestly don't think superlatives can even describe this trip. The absolute peace and serenity that came with exploring this little slice of paradise was something that I so dearly missed and craved for the past three years. To be able to capture these moments on celluloid made it all the more special.
The grain quality on this roll was simply perfect. Not too harsh but delicate enough to add a pleasing texture to these shots. I found that it tended towards being quite contrasty though, with deep blacks and not too much shadow detail. This also means that there was a fair bit of highlight clipping but I honestly didn't mind this.
As much as Siargao was an amazing time, Bohol, too, was its own little enclave of paradise. Crystal clear waters, gorgeous beaches, scintillating marine life. This island was straight out of a travel brochure.
And finally, a few shots from my last day in the capital. These shots were taken in Intramuros, the Walled City built by the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.

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